Elders and Deacons

Cliff Wade was appointed as the Pastor in July 2023.

The work of the church is supported by Deacon Michael Wade.

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Cliff Wade
Cliff Wade

Hello, I am Cliff and I am married to Elizabeth. I have been a Christian since 1992, when I was at university at Canterbury. Over the past 25 years I have worked in business, for organisations such as Santander bank, Milton Keynes Council and most recently as a cartographer for Network Rail.

I have preached itinerantly in various churches over the years, starting when I spent a few months in Albania in 1994 whilst working for a mission society. In 2019 I left Network Rail to become the trainee pastor at Linslade Baptist Church; a call to the ministry had been on my heart for many years, and now was the time. I studied part-time at London Seminary between 2019 and 2023 whilst pastoring at Linslade over that period. The church called me to be the full-time pastor, and I was appointed on 1 July 2023.

Michael Wade
Michael Wade

My name is Michael Wade, and I’m one of the Deacons at Linslade Baptist Church. I’ve worshipped here since early 2001 and have seen many changes, including those who worship here, but one thing that does not change is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by which I’ve been translated into God’s Kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit. The first stage of this conversion was that I experienced a deep conviction of my natural sin and the fact that I had broken God’s law as revealed in the Bible many times, but a time came when God enabled me to realise that there is full redemption based upon the work of Him who is fully God and fully man, the Lord Jesus Christ, God’s son. His shed blood at Calvary covers all my sin and now I’m seeking to live to God’s glory through the strength of the Holy Spirit.

It requires much patience to be a Christian, perfection comes in for the Christian either at death or when Jesus Christ returns, then he or she is fully equipped to worship, with a clean heart, God in His presence in Heaven, with His people for ever. There is also much joy in walking with God as we learn His ways and have fellowship with His people, all of whom to some extent will have experienced the things that I’ve outlined above.

At Linslade Baptist Church our desire is to have fellowship with other Christians so that we can enjoy mutual encouragement and have that fuller communion with each other and with God. We also seek to meet those who don’t believe savingly upon the Lord Jesus, that they too would be enabled and willingly drawn to exercise repentance towards God and to possess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.