Our Message

“We preach Christ crucified” – 1 Corinthians 1:23

Our message, as declared by the whole Bible, is both simple and yet uniquely profound. All mankind are born into this world in a state of rebellion against the God who created us – we are sinful. We have broken His laws, rejected Him and as a result are spiritually dead. Because God is perfect and righteous, our sinfulness prevents us enjoying a relationship with Him, the very purpose for which we were made.

Thankfully this tragedy is not the end of the story. In His great love and a display of His sovereign grace, God chose to bear the just punishment for the sins of His chosen people Himself, through His perfect Son the Lord Jesus Christ, being “God come in the flesh”. Christ did this through His crucifixion, dying as our substitute and bearing the punishment we rightly deserve.

Christ rose gloriously from the dead three days later proving that He had conquered death, paid our debt to God and gives new life to all those that will be saved.

So the glorious and wonderful news is that Jesus Christ has opened the way to have renewed fellowship with God in this life and to enjoy an eternity with Him in heaven in the next!

Salvation in God, through Christ, is the greatest thing any person can ever possess…and it all comes through His grace!