Sunday Services

A meeting for all

We meet together each Sunday morning in our chapel building at 11am. This service is open to everyone to join with us, there are no special requirements for those attending. If you are new to church you may find the information on our ‘Contact & Visiting‘ page helpful.

We love to have children at our Sunday meetings. Depending on their age they can either stay with the adults for the whole service or there are areas available for the younger ones where they can make a bit more noise!

You will receive a warm welcome when you arrive at the church and we can assist with any arrangements and answer any questions you may have to make sure you feel at ease during the service.

A meeting for worship

Our primary reason for meeting is that we delight in worshiping God and to know more about Him.

The first half of the service will include hymns and songs which are displayed on a screen, readings from the bible and prayers said by those leading the service. This is followed by the sermon, which is an explanation of the bible readings, and lasts around 30 minutes or so.

Meeting around the Lord’s table

We share communion in remembrance of our Lord Jesus’ sacrificial death which is at the heart of our Christian belief.

This is usually in the form of a short part of the service held on the first Sunday each month. Sharing at the Lord’s table is exclusively for those who are believers in and followers of Christ, who have been baptised on profession of faith and are members of our church, or of another Gospel church.

We encourage others at the service simply to observe and contemplate their own position before God.

Meeting for fellowship

After each service we spend time together in more informal conversations. The church is a family and this is a great opportunity to get to know each other better, encourage each other and deepen our friendship for each other and love for God.